Sustainable rural development by rural communities

Building capacities of rural communities for their active & meaningful participation in self governance processes for an inclusive & good governance

Villages in the districts of Rewari, Mohindergarh, Jhajjar in Southern Haryana and Alwar, Churu in Northern Rajasthan in north west India

Sampada Prakritik - Natural Resources.

Effective and sustainable natural resource management.


Empowerment of village communities for efficient management of water, soil, vegetation, fodder & fuel.


Development Initiatives

Sakriya Jal Sampada
Promote rain harvesting systems, ground water recharging & prudent management.
Sakriya Svachta
For improved sanitation at household & community level
Sakriya Krishak
An opportunity for farmers and livestock holders to learn & adopt improved dry land agricultural practices & livestock management.
Sakriya Samlaat Sampada
Sustainable management & use of common lands and natural resources' assets.

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