Sustainable rural development by rural communities

Building capacities of rural communities for their active & meaningful participation in self governance processes for an inclusive & good governance

Villages in the districts of Rewari, Mohindergarh, Jhajjar in Southern Haryana and Churu in Northern Rajasthan in north west India

Svashaasan- Self governance

Inclusive and accountable governance.


Meaningful participation of women & other citizens' in decision making processes of governance


Development Initiatives

Sakriya Sangh
Women organizing themselves into groups & federation for local initiatives.
Sakriya Manch
An intra village network of various women groups.
Sakriya Pratinidhi
Elected women & other representatives of Panchayati Raj Institutions making governance & development inclusive & accountable
Sachet Nagrik
  • Sensitizing citizens' on issues of critical importance.
  • Gram Sabha members monitoring & reviewing the status of development initiatives, public facilities & services in their villages.

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